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I found myself enjoying my trip so much more. After the e-Guide led me to a vision for my trip, I was able to relax and take unexpected hiccups in stride. It revealed where I was holding expectations of people and situations ... and how to let go.

- Jackie, Evolution Through Vacation Traveler

The process helped me visualize my vacation in a brand new way. Even more, it felt like I was embarking on something special and participating in something larger. I loved it.

- Kim, Evolution Through Vacation Traveler

It totally re-framed my weekend; basically snapping me out of well-worn ruts. I got new perspectives going in, new experiences while abroad and awesome insights to take back to the rest of my life.

- John, Evolution Through Vacation Traveler

Evolution Through Vacation is a very useful tool ... and it's fun. It helps you zero in on what exactly you want your vacation to be, whether it's someplace you go all the time or someplace brand new. It makes you the guide of your own adventure.

- Sarah, Evolution Through Vacation Traveler


Prep: Purpose

Prep: Purpose

OK! We made it! I'm half-way around the world and, naturally, the gazillion-hour flight gave me some time to work through the Prep section of the Evolution Through Vacation guide!

Let's see what I unearthed! (Hint: it has something to do with a retro board game, a soul-bearing discovery and happiness. We're off to a good start.)

Feeling Preppy

Feeling Preppy

The e>v ("e through v") journey starts with "Prep." And, wow, so does a last-minute trip half-way around the world. Or: Daniel had been put on a short list of leaders to run a project in Indonesia. He mentioned it to me in passing, with not much confidence that he would be chosen. And then...

Change is Afoot

Change is Afoot

Hello e>v friends! Elissa here with an update: I'm at a crossroads in my life. I'm currently selling the business that I've worked on for 12 years. I'm reevaluating my professional passions. I'm learning I have new interests. And, I'm realizing I need to release some bad habits. E-thru-V to the rescue.