About the e-Guide

You know that feeling of aliveness you have when on vacation? What if every day felt that free? That amazing? That alive?

Now it can. With Evolution Through Vacation, the e-Guide that helps you use travel as a personal development adventure, you'll find new ways to amp up your next vacation as well as change your everyday life to an experience of truly being alive.

Why vacation?

Truth is, most people use vacations to “vacate” their lives. Evolution Through Vacation challenges this notion and puts you back into a space of creation and freedom whether you’re on the road or not. It helps you use travel as a living laboratory, a playground of possibility, an outer adventure of inner exploration.

And, then, it helps you bring it all back home to turn “vacation energy” into “everyday energy.”

Here's how it works:

Based on the anthropological idea of a "Rite of Passage," Evolution Through Vacation ponders and plays with your vacation, shaping it anew for journeys near and far. Through three stages of adventure – chock-full of in-the-moment experiments – Evolution Through Vacation is a sweet travel partner for wherever you’re headed.

1) Preparation: Get ready to (let) go!

First and foremost, the e-Guide helps you gear up with a bit of metaphysical list-making in Preparation. It’s pondering what you’re moving away from and what you’re moving toward. It's asking what you want to create, inside and out. It’s a giant slew of gut-searching, soul-expanding questions, challenges, insights and more.

2) The Trip: Welcome to your adventure!

Based on the core idea of “liminality” (a space of “betwixt and between”), The Trip offers up options, perspectives and actions to bring life to your living. When you are in The Trip – in the middle, in transition, on “vacation” – things are full of possibilities. Hint? Get ready to think big, imagine big ... live big.

3) Re-Entry: Bringing it all back home.

Finally, Re-Entry recalls the insights and learning from your vacation and asks you what impact the trip will have on your daily existence. How are you different from having seen and experienced all that you did? How have you evolved? How will this transform things for you? How will you harness all your expanded brilliance and share it with the world? Re-Entry shows you how.

How is it different from other travel guides?

It's about the journey, not the destination:

While most travel guides focus on the tangibles of a vacation – where you’ll go and what you’ll see – Evolution Through Vacation focuses on the intangibles of your trip: where you want to grow, what you want to learn, who you want to be on this journey and beyond. (Idea: go big.) 

It's lightweight, nimble, playful & fun:

Vacations don’t work well under pressure. Neither does Evolution Through Vacation. The e-Guide isn’t about “doing work” on your vacation, it’s about “being playful.” It’s about discovery. And exploration. And fun. In short, it's a rollicking, inner scavenger hunt with big, big prizes at the end. (Note: you choose the prize.)

It plays extremely well with others:

Evolution Through Vacation is designed to be used in tandem with your other travel-planning gear. The e-Guide likes different handbooks and maps and tips, it doesn’t compete. It’s simply another tool to help elevate your trip into an even better, even cooler, even more enriching adventure. (Inside scoop: Evolution Through Vacation isn’t an “either/or” kind of thing; it's “both/and.”)

It doesn’t stop when your vacation ends:

Aligned with the three stages of adventure – Preparation, The Trip and Re-Entry – e>v has experiments for every step of your trip, including when you return to that thing known as “real life. This is where you have the awesome choice to transform “vacation energy” into “everyday energy” and really live your possibility. (Finally: This is where things get really fun. And absolutely life-changing in the most incredible way.)