Hear From Other Travelers

What do other travelers say?

Karen says: My most valuable take-away from the e-Guide? A visual and feeling of the personality of my best-possible self.

Ann says: Evolution Through Vacation is open. Fun. Freeing. ALIVE. What more could you want in life?

John says: Totally re-framed my weekend; basically snapping me out of well-worn ruts. I got new perspectives going in, new experiences there and awesome insights to bring back to my life. 

Sarah says: Evolution Through Vacation is a very useful tool ... and it's fun, too. It really helps to zero in on what exactly you want your vacation to be, whether it's someplace you go all the time or someplace brand new. It lets you be the guide of your own adventure.

Angie says: Evolution Through Vacation made a huge difference. I liked that you could self guide. I was open and aware, but didn't have to make things happen.

Shelley says: When we arrived, the hotel had lost our reservation. Before Evolution Through Vacation, I would have freaked out. This time, I let it go and reminded myself of the ideas in the book. Everything worked out even better than we had planned!

Kathleen says: I used e>v on a family vacation ... the questions (the Life Map, especially) prompted amazing conversations with my mom that definitely brought us closer together!

Kim says: The process helped me visualize my vacation in a brand new way. Even more, it felt like I was embarking on something special and participating in something larger, somehow. I loved it!


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